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Private Residential:

Whether for new construction or older, tired landscapes needing rejuvenation, we will draw on the client's program requirements regarding uses for the property, level of maintenance, and style preferences, as well as the natural assets of the site and our own collective experiences, to develop a unified and coherent design for relaxed outdoor living.

Services begin with on-site consultation, preferably before breaking ground on new construction in order to assist in siting the house and driveway to make the best impression on the visitor. We proceed with one or more Sketch Plans showing various options for the general organization of the property. A Preliminary Plan refines the selected option, a Master Plan carries it to the next level, identifying materials such as fencing, paving and schematic planting. A Performance Specification describes the design intent for each item. Contract Documents include details for the construction of each item so that the job can be competitively bid. If a survey is not available, Site Measurements will greatly improve the accuracy of the drawings.

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Standard Services

Pre-Visit Tasks:

To make our initial visit productive, we suggest that you provide (1) a plot plan or survey of your site, (2) a written or sketch program and (3) magazine cuts of your favorite garden images.

Performance Contract Documents:

Performance Contract Documents are not full contract documents but will provide information sufficient for pricing by a qualified Design Build Landscape Contractor. The Contractor shall be responsible for all final decisions related to material selection, such as structures, footings, materials, irrigation and drainage plans and specifications, and to guide adjustments as necessary.

Full Contract Documents:

Full Contract Documents are suitable for competitive bidding, and include Bidding Forms, Construction Plans, Materials Detailing, and Full Specifications.

Construction Observation:

It is essential that our staff assist with the layout in the field. Periodic site visits during construction assure that the Contractor is following the plans and specifications, and that any necessary adjustments are done in the spirit of the design.

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